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The FLTA - Education program

- Secondary school


- High school      no afternoon classes


All of these schools are regional public schools.


The FLTA educational program is taking into account the individual  demands of our students.

Our teaching staff is providing an individual learning schedule for the afternoon for each student. This schedule results from a detailed analysis of each student: kind of school, class, individual characteristics, strengths and deficits.  In the daily afternoon learning program the FLTA teachers are working on specific weaknesses of the students as well as on the completion of their homework and the preparation for tests.
The teacher/student ratio is generally 1:2-5. In case of any specific problems the students obtain private lessons. 
By means of a constant documentation of the educational objectives and results the teachers staff is permanently
well informed about the performance level of each student.

Because of this worldwide unique integration of the educational program into the daily schedule we achieve for our students significant results within a relatively short period of time. 
The cooperation between the FLTA teachers and coaches results in a growing motivation of our pupils even for achievements at school.

Tennis training at a professional level and education are no competing issues. On the contrary they are mutual components that complement with one another for the sake of a successful overall education.
Foreign students are obtaining daily lessons in the German language. This helps them to integrate very fast into the German school system.  Older students (from about 16 years on), who practise in our PRO ACADEMY (all day program, about 6-8 hours of training per day), are provided with the opportunity to  pass the German “Abitur” by taking part at a 2-4 year correspondence school course.
The course is tightly organized and is taking into account the demands of a professional training routine and a relatively dense tournament schedule.
small classes of about 5-10 students they get through a flexible learning program which is adjusted to their training and tournament schedule.
Thus the FLTA is providing its students the chance to strive for a
professional tennis career and at the same time maintain the opportunity to make their way into an academic profession.    



The FLTA educational program is taking care of account the individual  demands of our students.

In a world wide unique manner the FLTA education program combines the demand that a professional tennis training program as well as a perfect education raise upon the students. In the JUNIOR ACADEMY we provide our students with all existing German kinds of schools