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The FLTA philosophy

„Everything in one hand - everything under one roof“

Education and Guidance

We don´t regard our students just as players, but rather as persons. Therefore we consider it to be our task to guide them and to educate them. Sportsmanship, fair play on and off the court, discipline and concentration in training and school, team spirit, respect towards teammates, coaches and teachers, responsibility, self confidence, motivation, those are the attributes, that we try to encourage and foster in our students.

Tennis and school

The professional training program and the intense school and learning program are perfectly balanced in our daily schedule.

Everything under one roof. That´s why our students generally improve their performance at school within a relatively short period of time.


Our up to now most successful world ranked players with career high ATP/WTA rankings of 55 (Simon Greul), 155 (Bastian Knittel), 432 (Peter Mayer-Tischer), 545 (Susanne Wild) all have finished school with the highest German degree, the “Abitur”. Top-professional Simon Greul even with the remarkable average of 1,7 (1 is best).

Living in the boarding house

Our coaches, teachers and supervisors are all taking care of our students throughout the day. They provide our students with support and education.

Live at the FLTA is like living in a big family. That´s why homesickness is a unknown word here.


Holistic, individual development on the long term

The FLTA training program is based on a long term education. We emphasize the long term development of a complete tennis player and don´t sacrifice that kind of a development to the striving for short term successes.

The goal of our education is to help each of our students to reach his personal and individual performance maximum.

We develop our students with a holistic approach by emphasizing in our training program all those elements that make up a complete tennis player and competitor:

An outstanding physical fitness, a complete, efficient and effective stroke technique, an individual but yet variable game style, a perfect modern footwork, sophisticated tactical skills and most important mental skills, that provide them with the ability to deal with all the problems and difficulties they face in competitive tennis.


The FLTA Training System

The FLTA training system is based on the latest, state of the art, scientific knowledge. The game of tennis has gone through huge changes within the last two decades. In our training system we take this into account.


Our daily conditioning training, covers speed & agility training on and off the court, training of tennis specific endurance, tennis specific strength and power training (power and explosiveness of arms and legs), as well as an extensive injury prevention program for all parts of the body (special emphasis on core and shoulders).


The tennis practice at the FLTA is split in two parts.


In individual lessons or technique development lessons with two players we are working systematically, on a long term basis, on the perfection of the stroke technique of our students.

Our goal is to develop together with our students an individual, effective and efficient modern technique of all strokes, which one day will enable them to compete on the highest level.


During the daily Team training lessons we emphasize on grooving strokes, rhythm, footwork, situation training (building points, offensive play, defensive play), training of tactics and strategy (development of individual patterns of play), mental aspects (emotional control, body language, routines and rituals, concentration, effort, tenacity) as well as match training in singles and doubles.